Sunday, 20 May 2012

Open Gardens

This is the time of year when the NGS comes into full force with people from all walks of life open up their gardens to the public. l love a look round other peoples gardens which can vary from the tiny yard upto acres. Well the nearest one to me open today was one l had seen a number of times so l decided to have a year off this then gave me a free day and DH and l went off Car Booting(this will be another post) and on the way back we spotted a few cars parked and a small sign 'Stop l shouted Open Garden' l can sniff them out where ever we are. l was right it was a private garden open for charity. What makes this garden so much more special is its location - a cottage on its own on a main road surrounded by industrial units!
Once through the gate this is what you saw ........
 This is a small Loch Ness Monster complete with smoke coming from its mouth.

Love the summer house retreat

We even bought some plants and had a cup of tea with cake. This garden was about 3 miles from home and l didn't even know it was there.
I'm sure they will open again so watch out for Sycamore Cottage, Carrington Manchester well worth a visit.

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