Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ride em Cow Boy

l just had to share this photo as posted on HenHouse blog of this so cute knitted cow boy, l want one and the fabric cushion is fab. l envy people who can put themes like this together just look at the books in the background and the miniature rocking horse.

So not being the best at waiting for something l thought buy one pre done so l put knitted cow boy into ebay and came up with the following knitting patterns which set my memory going back to when l was younger and went out with a boy who modelled for knitting patterns isn't it funny how something can set your mind going.

and before you as no l didn't marry him but my husband did look like the 'Milky Bar Kid' - back to cowboys- full circle


  1. I just love that sweater!
    Just popped over my sister's house, we are so excited to be going to the Cath night!


    1. Me neither - both my friends say they can embroider l'm going to wait and watch, l will introduce myself to you as l know what you look like-lm sure we will be sat close by to you and your sister.